Forced Perspective - Ebook

Forced Perspective - Ebook

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Sometimes, you just need someone to help you see things in a different light.

A shift in the angle.

Forced Perspective is a New Heights Novella.

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More Than Meets the Eye

Enjoyed the new heights book. I wondered if there was more to Brookie's hesitancy to move beyond closed doors. Written well and all the pop ups and glimpses of characters from former books was the icing on the cinnamon roll! Bravo Mrs Jones

Annette W.
Loved It!!!

Brooke was the epitome of a strong black woman trying to forge her way into the photography industry on her own terms and she was determined to do it without any help from Kyir. Because of a rumor that was incorrectly put out on social media when she and Kyir previously worked together, Brooke wanted no misconceptions whatsoever. Which is why she insisted on keeping their FWB arrangement a secret from everyone and refused any help from him. Kyir just wants Brooke to thrive, and he doesn’t understand why she won’t let him help her since he has the resources to do so. I completely understand where Brooke is coming from. She’s worked hard to get where she is in her career, and she doesn’t want people thinking she got there on her back because of her connection to Kyir. The tug of war between these two was hilarious and fun to watch. When Kyir sneakily handed her an opportunity to work with Nick Davison, Brooke wanted to go upside his head so bad but, she was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Brook and Kyir were the perfect couple. The chemistry and passion between them were amazing. I loved how they evolved from FWB to romantic partners with such ease. It was a sweet process because, it was truly unexpected for the both of them. I’m always giddy with excitement when we get to travel back to The Heights and visit with old friends. We got to catchup with Jules and Nick. Yes, I know Nick doesn’t live in The Heights but, he was there for a project with Kyir. Some of our faves got honorable mentions (Blue, Nubia Perry, Des Bryers, Logan, Noah, and Chloe McKenna). I really enjoyed Forced Perspective. It was sexy and sensual with a little bit of humor thrown in. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every minute of this book and I highly recommend you add it to your TBR. Thank you to Christina C. Jones for this ARC and the opportunity to read Forced Perspective ahead of its release date in exchange for an honest review.

Carolyn Jackson
Fear No More Brookie!

Brooke had the right to want to make it on her own. Once you’ve had the rug pulled out without warning, it’s difficult to get your footing and to trust the steps before you. How was she expected to trust an up and coming star when she had more to loose. Kyir gave me good guy, you know, the- I could trust him vibe. It’s not like she was running through the woods looking backwards. They had a brief history. I believed Kyir had Brooke’s best interest at heart. Call me naïve , but the way they connected, you can not tell me that man wasn’t serious. And, it is always a treat to see characters from other books join the story. Did I mention this point? No, well let me say that this one was chocked-full of folks to remind us of the vast body of works by this fabulous storyteller and literary genius.