Collection: Merch Sale 2022



Some notes before you purchase:


These items are all customized/created by hand - my hands! This means there are some imperfections here and there. By purchasing from this site during this sale, you're saying that's okay by you. I would not sell you anything that doesn't meet a certain standard. I'm talking about wrinkles, slight misprints, etc, that you very likely won't even notice.

If you purchase anything designated as FLAWED... it's flawed, lol! Noticeably. This might be a more serious misprint, shadowing, maybe the design is crooked, etc, but it still looks fairly good, and is definitely still usable - flawed, but not bad enough to go to waste. 

There will be a picture that shows you what you might be getting, so you know in advance.

In the event that you check out for the same item at the same time as someone else (resulting in you purchasing an item that's actually not in stock) I will have to defer to whichever order came through first and unfortunately refund that item/your order.

These items are all super limited, so I can't just order more - this also means I can't replace items broken during shipping. If you send me a picture of your destroyed item, I'll refund you.

All orders ship via Priority mail, but there is a 7-10 business day processing time.

Books are signed, but not personalized to you.


Umm.... I think that's it! Happy Shopping!

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