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CCJ Romance

Raised By Wolves - Audiobook

Raised By Wolves - Audiobook

(This book is a continuation of No Longer Afraid, Predators MC Book One. They should be read in order.)



Something Onyx has never been a stranger to, never strayed far from, despite his best efforts otherwise. This time though, the stakes are higher than ever before, when his past is threatening to touch - and destroy - everything he’s grown to care for.

The only choice is to face it head on - a task Tati is more than willing to share.

Unanswered questions and unexpected attacks are jeopardizing the Predator organization from all sides, and she’ll do whatever it takes to protect the people she loves - including peeling back secrets, lies, and betrayals, layer by layer.

Shared ink makes them family, but as the truth is unturned, Onyx and Tati will discover that their connection runs deeper than either of them knows.

The motivations may differ, but the fight is the same, against an enemy with bigger teeth and sharper claws.

When thrown to the wolves, they’ll need more than strength to survive.

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