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Please note, these books will NOT have a fast turnaround - expect 4-6 weeks, possibly more due to supply chain issues.

The books will be printed and shipped to me, where I will sign them and then ship to you.

Shipping charge is calculated based on weight.

If you do not see it here, it is not available to order at this time.

All books print with latest cover option - no substitutions.

If you "add to cart" and then want to change your order (before submitting) you have to recreate your whole order - the cart will reset. If you've submitted your order and paid, and place a second order to be shipped to the same place, just send me a message - I'll make any necessary corrections to the shipping charge.

When you choose your shipping, the timeframe is a reference SOLELY to how long it takes to get from me to you once your order is sent - expect 4-6wks for printing + processing.

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