Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover

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For Nalani Stark, legacy matters… maybe more than most things.

 Important enough that when that legacy — inextricably tied to her mother’s memory - is challenged, she’s forced to consider even the most undesirable options…

 Such as a match made in hell with Orion Sterling. 

The heir to the competitor she grew up being warned about.

Orion is a man well-accustomed to getting exactly what he wants. Other than opportunities to grow the family business, he’s moved by very few things.

One of which happens to be Nalani Stark.

They each have something the other needs, and only one way to get it : a contract that delineates exactly what each person takes from the arrangement.

Simple enough…

Unless feelings get brought into the exchange.  


Please be aware that this work contains profanity, detailed sex acts, and depictions of violence.
There are also mentions of pregnancy loss, parental death, grief, illness, and medical emergencies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My kind of love story

You did it again CCJ! You are the queen of the stand alone book. You don't need 2 and 3 books to get to the good stuff. This was just pure perfection for me. It made me laugh, cry and holler out loud a few times. If you love an alpha male character with a soft heart and thug tendencies, this is a great read for you. Orion is that dude. He reminds me of Kingston Whitfield but he not quite as gangsta. I loved it. I will be reading it again. Thanks for this one CCJ. Bravo!

LaToya Bernadin
The stars aligned!

I love CCJ, but this book was my absolute favorite of hers in recent history. I can't wait for more stories of this family.

Annette W.
Hostile Takeover Took Over!!!

I don’t have the words to truly convey how f*cking phenomenal this book was. I’ve been anxiously waiting on the release of Hostile Takeover since CCJ first posted about it and, honey, it was more than worth the wait. Nalani took an instant dislike to Orion Sterling from the moment she met him. When she finds out her trash azz daddy sold off part of her mama’s legacy and the only way to get it back is to marry Orion, he immediately became public enemy number one. Nalani’s feelings are the least of his concerns. Grandma Calli is not in the best of health so, Orion is on a mission to lock down a wife and bare an heir before the Lord calls her home. And, if he has to blackmail the woman he’s been secretly crushin’ on since he saw her on the cover of Sugar & Spice then, so be it. Even with all of the constant bickering and sniping, I was absolutely smitten with this couple. I loved the natural progression of Nalani and Orion’s relationship and how organically they fell in love. These two fought tooth and nail to ignore and deny their feelings for each other but, the heart wants what the heart wants and the billionaire wanted his corporate bae. This marriage of convenience was filled will tons of drama and secret tea. Corporate sabotage, secrets from the past rearing its ugly head in the present, a Maury Povich “you are the daddy” moment, trash azz parents doing what trash azz parents do, deceit, betrayal, and so much more. Y’all know there’s never a dull moment when we pull up to Blackwood. The cameos were my absolute favorite part of this story. We got to see Des and Demetria Byers, Eva James, Luke Freeman, Leon James, and Hailey Freeman. Then, we had honorable mentions of Sugar & Spice, The Drake Hotel, Sugar Valley, Honey Branch Winery, 81st & Clarke, Freeman’s Bridal, and The Black Gallery. I love the way CCJ weaved these characters into the storyline so that there was this six degrees of separation with everyone. To say I loved this book would be an understatement. If I could give it 10 stars I would. Hostile Takeover was a literary masterpiece. Yeah, I’m being a bit dramatic calling it a masterpiece but, I said what I said. CCJ wrote the hell out of this book and sis owes me absolutely nothing.

Ro Alexander
Love, love, love

This book was great. Excellent writing on one of my (secretly) favorite tropes. Mr. Orion Sterling is something else, but he became endearing somewhere along the way. I’m smitten with this couple and ready for the rest of the series! I think I’ll be re-reading this very soon!

Courtney (@Wellreadruby)
Marriage of Convenience and a side of drag a hoe!

Nalani and Orion were fake enemies to lovers but every bit of marriage of convenience! Orion barged his way into Nalani’s life due to betrayal by her father. Within the first 2 chapters, we are hit with a marriage proposal and secrets that only are the tip of the iceberg. And boy are there more secrets revealed, drama, thirsty hoes with no remaining edges, and so much more! Nalani is in the top 5 of CCJ female characters for me and that’s a tough top 5 to be in! She didn’t back down from what was right (including checking her husband), checking the hoes, and her trifling father! Orion was a bigger asshole than Kingston and I have no idea how CCJ did that lol. I’m glad he got over his insecurities because whew he was ruining his blessing lol. I want to say this was a slow burn but not really because the pace was moving and stuff was happening and that wedding night?!? Whew! Absolutely! So many scenes I fully understood why Nalani accepted her marriage lol.

This is book one of a new potential series and explored a lot of old and new characters and places! Orion's brothers, Ares and Titan, will more than likely be books in the series, and possibly Nalani’s brother Soren. Soren has a story to tell! Hopefully, Aunt Lucy keeps it cute! Smh the Blacks are back and more sinister than Curiosity! I can’t wait to see what comes of them in the future! I even have some predictions there! Lol, I also have predictions for the future books in the Blackwood Billions series as well! Overall I’m glad CCJ is in her contemporary bag and blessed us with another 5-star read!